It is fun to work for a brand one actually uses on a daily basis. As you may know (unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past decade), Kingston is a household name for anyone who uses a digital camera, a laptop, a cell phone, or any device that requires to storage data, period. We were approached by their agency to fully produce three T.V spots (from the live action to the post-production), targeted to advertise memory cards for the Latin American market, a first for the brand.

Creative Direction
Cristina Briceño
Vladimir Mihalkov
Hubert Reinfeld

Marcos Medvedov
Rubén Fariñas

Production Coordinator
Glenis Días

Tech Director
Manuel Piña

Live Action Direction
César Elster
Rubén Fariñas
Vladimir Mihalkov

Live Action Producer
Gisella García

Marcos Medvedov
Jorge Vigas
Pedro Da Silva

Graphic Design
Francis Barroeta
Leonardo Gonzalez

Animation & Compositing
Pedro Da Silva
Jorge Vigas
Marcos Medvedov

Additional 2d & 3d Animation
Roberto Gonzalez

Chroma Keying
Jose Andres Reyes

Storyboard Artist
Marcos Andrade

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