Wednesdays where impossible to beat with "the Simpsons" on the channel's competence Fox. So Sony Entertainment Television decided strategically to position it's franchises "on the sides" tuesdays and thursdays.

Jueves de calabaza… todo el mundo para su casa. (pumpkin thursdays: makes no sense in english, but, again, rimes -and it's fun- in Spanish)
End pages to identify the programming of the television series of primes time "Jueves de Calabaza" on Sony Entertainment Television. Each character lives in it's own particular suburban pumpkin Villa, reinforcing more the jingle. "Jueves de calabaza, todo el mundo para su casa"

Martes de limón… todo el mundo para el sillón. (lemon tuesdays: makes no sense in english, but rimes in Spanish)
The franchise of "Martes de Limón" of, was focused on creating different hallucinating films based on the theme of the show on tuesdays: each closure should maintain a certain coherent with the look of its sisters franchise: "Jueves de Calabaza" but without losing its unique personality.

2005.Bda world gold
Prize: Silver
Category: Calabaza - art direction & design
Project: Calabazas y limones
Client: Sony
Submitted by: Sony entertainment television

Luis Alarcon
Vladimir Mihalkov

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