A re launch of the image package of Sony Entertainment Television, in which the channel assumes its playful and mischievous character getting method into madness, playing with its main core values of variety, humor and a bit of irreverence, integrating its offer of mainly series and sitcoms to a new self produced programming offer.

Art Direction
Cristina Briceño
Vladimir Mihalkov

Creative Producer
Pedro González

Executive Producer
Edward Thomas
Hubert Reinfeld

Pablo Iranzo
Daniella Isamit
Andreina Diaz
Francis Barroeta
Marcos Medvedov
Dario Utreras
Juan Andres Behrens

Ruben Fariñas
Manuel Piña
Marcos Medvedov
Pedro Da Silva
Jorge Vigas
Juan Andres Behrens
Luis Angel Villalobos
Jose Miguel Alvarez
Juan Carlos Davila
Francis Barroeta

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