Opens for two HBO interstitials programs that we did as part of the 2008's graphic package.

A high speed visual trip into the high tech science inside a High Definition screen; a technological big bang is defined by a monolithic screen, we then zoom vertiginously into a highly energetic environment, overwhelmed by info on everything HD, detonating the appearance of the program’s logo.

Right after finishing HBO Latin America’s latest general graphic package, we were asked to develop INTERMEDIO’s: one of its interstitial on-air shows. The main idea behind it was to pay tribute to previous packages of the same show, in which the human form was used as a design resource. So what we aimed for was to include the human factor within the look and feel of the channel’s new image, making a connection between the audience and the fact that what HBO’s screen has to offer in this show is literally in their hands.

Creative Direction
Hubert Reinfeld
Cristina Briceño
Edward Thomas

Live Action Direction
Vladimir Mihalkov

Art Direction
Cristina Briceño
Ruben Fariñas

P.r. Direction
Pedro González

Tech Director
Manuel Piña

Live Action Producer
Gisella García

Graphic Design
Francis Barroeta
Leonardo Gonzalez

Animation & Compositing
Ruben Fariñas
Pedro Da Silva
Manuel Piña
Jorge Vigas

Storyboard Artist
Marcos Andrade

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