For the launch of the new and juicy watermelon flavor of Yukipak, three kids play with the fun and imaginative possibilities the fruit gives them: for the more adventurous, the watermelon is a submarine, for the little girl, it’s like a balloon, and for the sporty one, it’s a football; at the end, a pleased mom gives something fun and nourishing to her kids.
Although the final format of the commercial was for SD video, the kids were filmed digitally using the RED camera on 4K resolution on a blue screen studio, then composed and integrated, in a clean workflow always within the digital realm, into an animated and illustrated fantasy environment created by the design, illustration and animation teams.

Animation Director
Edward Thomas

Tech Director
Vladimir Mihalkov

Art Direction
Cristina Briceño

Chief Producer
César Elste

Pedro González

Illustration & Design
Leo González
Nicomedes Zuloaga
Marcos Andrade

Marcos Andrade
Nicomedes Zuloaga
Fabiana Daly
Marcos Medvedov

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