We were really into this project… The whole thing circled around using motion graphics for educational purposes, so let’s say they had us at “hello.” The catch? The guys at OVO, the client, requested a 30-second clip as a pilot in order to determine whether we had the chops or not. Apparently, we did not. This is the email we received after a week of work:

Your preview is really fine, but it doesn’t meet our expectation (sic) ‘cause it doesn’t follow completely our samples (sic).

We feel we were not properly informed about their expectations, and even less what it meant in the context of the email you just read above. Bizarre.

Still, we are proud enough of our pilot to display it in our site… You be the judge.

And if you feel brave enough, here’s the info on how to get the chance to produce a pilot for these guys:


2008.Bda latin america
Prize: Bronze
Category: Best work never seen
Project: Euclide
Client: Ovo
Submitted by: Totuma communications & design

Creative Direction
Hubert Reinfeld

Creative Producer
César Elster

Pablo Iranzo

Marcos Medvedov
Pablo Iranzo

Daniel Zahalka

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