This has been a year of crisis. This has been a year of fear. This has been a year of change. This has been a year of hope. Although they seem to contradict each other, these messages have flooded 2008, letting us a little confused in the process. What makes this a bit scarier is that some people claim the worse is yet to come... However, if there´s something we are certain about, besides that there IS hope of change in the air, is that the world will not come to an end in 2009. This year, the characters from Totuma's previous Christmas cards get together to remind us that, in the face of fear, the little things we take for granted will get us through... as long as we stick together along the ride.

Creative Direction
Pablo Iranzo

Andreína Díaz
Leonardo González
Pablo Iranzo
Juán León

Estudio Pararrayos

Art Direction
Cristina Briceño
Pablo Iranzo

Animation Director
Rubén Fariñas

Tech Director
Vladimir Mihalkov

Creative Producer
César Elster
Hubert Reinfeld

Cesar Elster
Pablo Iranzo

Graphic Design
Andreina Diaz
Leonardo Gonzalez
Pablo Iranzo
Juan Leon

Fabiana Daly
Glenis Dias
Ruben Fariñas
Marcos Medvedov
Manuel Piña

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