We proposed celebrating the arrival of the new millennium creating a piece that would identify itself with Discovery Networks different channels.

Depending on place and traditions, human beings have different scales to measure time, so celebrating the millennium is something strictly cultural, a convention. When we place ourselves in a cosmic plane and compare this two thousand years with the measures we use to quantify the universe, we realize that its a humbling number that withholds meaning only to ourselves and our scale in time and space. Discovery Channel was an ideal place to illustrate this concept.

2001.Bda international
Prize: Bronze
Category: Millennium y2k promo category
Project: Y2k id
Client: Discovery channel
Submitted by: Discovery channel latinoamérica

Creative Direction
Hubert Reinfeld
Edward Thomas
Vladimir Mihalkov
Cristina Briceño

Hubert Reinfeld
Edward Thomas
Vladimir Mihalkov

3d Animator
Edward Thomas
Vladimir Mihalkov

Daniel Zahalka

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