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I was lucky enough to watch this analysis at a Promax conference many, many years ago. Jeff Boortz, creative director at 3 ring circus at the time, explained how "everything in the frame has meaning" making a systematic analysis of Orson Wells "Touch of Evil" (1952) initial sequence. Boortz explained the parallelism between a film director and a motion graphic artist: The director must tell the actors and camera what to do, the motion graphic artist must do the same, it just that there are no actors, just graphic elements, but the narrative challenges are the same. Each element, frame and camera movement "everything in the frame" must work in harmony to reinforce the cinematographic narrative, and be able to successfully tell the story.

This is our take on that analysis.

The best way to understand this, is to watch first the original movie sequence here:

And then watch the analysis here:

Otherwise can be overwhelming and confusing.

One of the best motion graphic classes that we have ever received. Thank you Mr. Boortz

Lesson Adaptation
Hubert Reinfeld

Audio Mix
Daniel Zahalka

Tech Support
Vladimir Mihalkov

Graphic Design
Alejandro Ocando

Animation & Compositing
Alejandro Ocando

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