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We make this piece for the past Henrique Capriles Radonski campaign. In all honesty, until this week, we where reluctant about publishing it.

We never imagine it could get worst than this.

It has.

If "votes" are not enough. It has.

Whatever the result on the recent elections in Venezuela the country is clearly divided in two half. Whatever our point of views are as venezuelans, the other half of the country doesn't agreed. So now, more that ever, dialogue, respect and tolerance for each other is essential. What none of, regardless witch side we're on, should tolerate anymore, is lies, violence, abuse of power, and fraud. If we do ignore and continue abusing the other half we're heading towards an auto destructive scenario we don't even dare to imagine.

We actually thought it was possible. We thought we have, after 14 years, learn our lesson as a country and where ready to start moving forward in peace… are we still wrong?

2013.Reed award
Prize: Winner
Category: Campaign & elections
Project: David vs goliat
Client: H. capriles radonski
Submitted by: Equipo 70

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