We assumed the design for our stationery and promotional material as a statement of who we are. Coming to this wasn't easy. As Latin American designers, trying to define what makes our aesthetic, without resorting to the clichés and archetypical stuff that tags (for good or bad) our culture is something close to impossible, more given the fact that we're actually influenced by, and made of, an overwhelming fusion of cultures that escape all rationality and classification. Something that maybe could defined as a sort of magic reality.

We opted to mix naive elements of local artisans with digital processed post industrial global techno junk, to elaborate in what might define the way we experience our current state of consciousness and how we see our places, times and lives.

2001.Bda latin america
Prize: Gold
Category: Stationary
Project: Stationary
Client: Totuma
Submitted by: Totuma comunication and design

Graphic Design
Cristina Briceño
Vladimir Mihalkov

Crafts Colection
Freddy Reinfeld

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