Totuma's Untitled #2 or why should we celebrate love all year long... Tears, saliva, sweat, blood… Love is the acceptance that the body of your significant other is near 65% fluid. So, if you really want to love someone, you must be intimately acquainted with his or her fluid makeup as much as anything else. And, this fluid, this internal part of all of us, may offend our senses, but love forces us to reach beyond our comfort zone to truly know a person inside and out and and accept them for who they are. Love, while it may begin as a fantasy, becomes true and meaningful when we dare to delve beneath the surface... Love is liquid, "so come on, come on..." let it flow.+++++++++++++++++Introducing our new fully animated font: Liquid_o (available soon)

Creative Direction
Hubert Reinfeld

Hubert Reinfeld
Lucy De Freitas

Live Action Direction
Vladimir Mihalkov

Director Of Photography
Vladimir Mihalkov

Art Direction & Design
Cristina Briceno
Alejandro Ocando

Animation & Compositing
Alejandro Ocando
Vladimir Mihalkov

Font Design
Alejandro Ocando

Animation Assistant
Marcial Gonzalez

Music Adaptation
Daniel Zahalka

Transatlanticism By Death Cab For Cutie

Balloon Makers & Radioactive Cupids
Alejandro Ocando
Hubert Reinfeld

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