Its always a pleasure, at least for us, to tell a story using only pictures. You have to select, and freeze, the key moments of the story, so it's an exercise of photography, narrative, and editing. In this case a love story that doesn't end very well.To make out the best of our 22 seconds we decided to focus on HER side of the story. HIM (in contrast) is only an anonymous character, always facing his back to the camera of blurred in the background. It's her story anyway.So much we liked the narrative that, based on the promo, we did this sort of "short" a tad longer and with a little quote on love and madness.Client's initial idea was to do the promo with Barbie dolls, we also LOVED that idea. Next time Ramiro.. ; )

2013.Bda promax latin america
Prize: Silver
Category: Drama promotion
Project: Scorned, love kills
Client: Totuma
Submitted by: Investigation discovery

Creative Direction
Hubert Reinfeld

Live Action Direction
Vladimir Mihalkov
Hubert Reinfeld

Director Of Photography
Vladimir Mihalkov

Production Assistant
Lucy De Freitas

Gia Carol
Luke Grande

Color Grading
Vladimir Mihalkov

Animation & Compositing.
Alejandro Ocando

Hair & Make-up
Marlene La Cruz

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