Moved by the events of 9-11, we entered on a debate that took us to use design not as a end on itself, but as a vehicle to communicate our thoughts on this event and what, to us, was its main cause, intolerance.

When take off every tag we use to identify ourselves and others, according to religion, race or gender, the only thing that remains is the human essence. All the differences that take us apart with such violence, are no more but names we give ourselves. We also decided creating a message that would not limit itself to the event, extracting it from the context and making it relevant regardless of the circumstance. Getting to this conclusion wasn't easy, given the pain and the immediate tendency to take sides in rage, in front of an act of such violent magnitude. We decided to search for a way to create a message that could convey the much needed peace the world required in that moment: tolerance and the acceptation of differences.

A message we expect would be a contribution to coexistence.

Hubert Reinfeld

Alonso Toro

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