The challenge here was to establish the mood of the channel from three different perspectives: a) Passion ( most of the channel programing is based on passion related crimes ) b) CSI ( the investigation process behind every crime scene and c) Psycho (Tales from the mind of the killers). Budget was very tight so we made all the different production elements on a single day: Hand with gun and lighting; Eye crying and flower collapsing ( which we achieved by putting a heater next to the flower to speeding up the decomposition process ) and our "scary looking" and coffee barista friend from Panther Coffee in Wynwood, Philly. Thanks, bro!

Creative Direction
Hubert Reinfeld
Vladimir Mihalkov

Art Direction & Design
Cristina Briceno

Live Action Direction
Vladimir Mihalkov
Hubert Reinfeld

Alejandro Ocando

Alejandro Ocando
Vladimir Mihalkov

Maria Kowalska

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