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"No estas solo” is the debut album, as a soloist artist, from our friend Rodrigo Gonsalves, AKA Rodrigo Solo ( yes, like Han Solo) the first song we heard from the EP was, curiously, a song NOT written by Rodrigo but by “Cayayo Troconis”. "Alma perpetua” is a beautiful homage Rodrigo does to this also beautiful inedited song from one of Venezuelan most influential musical geniuses ( Sentimiento Muerto & Dermis Tatú ) that left us way too soon ( he died at 31 ). “Cayayo” was also the uncle of our ( also genial ) art director and lead animator in Totuma: Alejandro Ocando Troconis. There is a second homage song to another musical Venezuela genius: Simón Diaz among many other strokes of genius ( the word keeps coming ) among the EP like “Honor Kamikaze", “Mi Mejor Defensa" and "Atropa Belladonna”. In Totuma we got the privilege of collaborating in the project designing the whole CD and creating a virtual experience app that will be available soon. Congrats bro on this GREAT first album as a soloist. Now let's go for SNL!

Creative Direction
Hubert Reinfeld
Cristina Briceno

Cover's Concept
Alejandro Ocando Troconis

Art Direction
Cristina Briceno

3d Modeling & Mapping
Alejandro Ocando

Paper Model Makers
Alejandro Ocando Troconis
Vladimir Mihalkov

Vladimir Mihalkov

Photo Retouch
Vladimir Mihalkov
Cristina Briceno

Additional Photo & Retouch
Ashley Hernandez

Additional Design
Alejandro Ocando Troconis
Vladimir Mihalkov

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