We were invited to participate in the annual competition on the LAtin America Promax/BDA " Clash of he titans, five teams, one goal" where various agencies have to propose their particular solution to the selected theme, using the same creative constrains and basic material, to finally submit the result to the present audience's choice.

This year's theme:
a public announcement for FSC (forest stewardship council) an ecologist organization dedicated to the proper exploitation of forest.

The contestants:
Steinbranding, Nickeodeon latin america, Brazilian CCompany and totuma.

The main objective:
Was to present the organization (FSC) and create conscience that, by consuming products approved by it, we're assured that we are getting products from correctly exploited forest.

We revised the work of great designers on ecology-related themes. part of this search resulted in the projects making off, one of the requirement of the competition. our main idea was not to appear as a "usual" PSA announcement, but instead, making it appear as a commercial for a product such a chair designed by marcel Breuer (1935), something that everyone would want to have, buy with the added value that acquiring the product with the FSC seal, one would be also contributing to the noble cause of preserving earth's forest. the way we did this, was by relating the attributes supposedly given to the chair, to all the products with the FSC seal.

The piece was given the audience choice, awarding with a GOLD in Promax/BDA Latin America 2001.

2001.Promax latin america
Prize: Gold
Category: Lucha de titanes
Project: Lucha de titanes
Client: Fsc / wwf
Submitted by: Totuma comunication and design

Creative Direction
Hubert Reinfeld
Edward Thomas

Edward Thomas
Vladimir Mihalkov
Hubert Reinfeld

Edward Thomas
Vladimir Mihalkov

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