"Why don't do something together?" Someone said. Taking as a reference the experience of "Untitled 1: darkness" presented on Promax/BDA by Believe. Claudio Pousada, of Multimedios America, invited us to participate in the KIT-CHEN-N project: a series of ingredients prepared by various design companies to be mixed in an unique plate, "Sangre Latina", "Latin Blood". The creative teams: MTV latin america from Miami, Claxon / Injaus, Grupo DOMA, SinergiaLab and Medialuna all from buenos Aires, El Ojo del Huracán from La Plata, and us, Totuma from Caracas.

Does latin America esthetic exist as such? which should it be?
the project's methodology consisted in that each design studio should create its own interpretation of the theme on "Latin Blood", "Sangre latina", the ingredient, to then interchange all the material between the participant, so that everyone would generate, based on all the ingredients, it's own plate.

Our proposal consisted in selecting a series of photographs of our friend Freddy Henríquez, who in his travels across the continent portraits simply what he sees, without regionalist pretensions. We created a text on what to us meant to be Latin American. We use this text as a metronome for producing three separate graphic pieces that were elaborated in three different ways: one photographic, other typographical and another as an organic set of blood and fire textures. these individuals proposals were then fused in a common one, resulting in our ingredient.

We can say that the result was the experience. realizing how the different teams with different histories, distant places and similar realities, see themselves.

Yo recuerdo que alguna vez,
hablando sobre mi vida,
mis furias y mis motivos.
alguien dijo: "se te nota la sangre latina"
la pasión.
Y esa disposición a pelear ciegamente...

Será que ante la incertidumbre,
frente a lo indescriptible,
¿Asumimos escuchar nuestro plexo
antes de darle demasiado tiempo a la razón?
Y que cuando surge,
sale verdaderamente bañada en sangre...

2001.Promax/bda latin america
Prize: Gold
Category: Lucha de titanes
Project: Sangre latina
Client: Kit-che-n
Submitted by: Kit-che-n

Edward Thomas

Design & Animation
Hubert Reinfeld
Vladimir Mihalkov
Edward Thomas

Fredy Henríquez
Vladimir Mihalkov

Voice Over
Fredy Henríquez

Daniel Zahalka

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