Mischievous mutant characters change into Nick's logo. Using a non traditional and rebellious illustration approach, we appealed to the playful and imaginative nature of kids, creating a modular system that would allow our ID battery to grow and change, adapting itself to every new thing in a fun and cheerful way, just as kids do.

2007.Stash magazine
Prize: Publicated
Category: Best of stash 2007 limited edition collection.
Project: Graphic package
Client: Nick
Submitted by: Nickelodeon

2006.Stash magazine
Prize: Publicated
Category: Publicated on 38th issue.
Project: Graphic package
Client: Nick
Submitted by: Nickelodeon

Creative Direction
Hubert Reinfeld
Edward Thomas

Art Direction
Cristina Briceño
Vladimir Mihalkov
Ruben Fariñas

Andreina Diaz
Yonel Hernandez

Cristina Briceño
Pablo Iranzo

Manuel Piña
Ruben Fariñas
Miguel Monteagudo
Marcos Medvedov

Daniel Blanco
Jorge Vigas
Juan Andres Behrens
Andres Ungaro
Pablo Iranzo

Animation Assistant
Francis Barroeta

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