Zapping was the codename for the pilot of the animated series “Nada Que Ver” –“Nothing to Watch”- for Sony Entertainment Television. An irreverent and reckless, politically incorrect program, that messes with everybody, but mainly with the crap we watch every day on cable TV, with as much characters as how many beers the screenwriters had the night before.

Totuma´s work was to give form to the visual style of those characters, going from the original need of as numerous visual styles as sketches that were to be, to a unified graphic style, of easy recognition by drunken executives in any marketing party. An algorithmic system of programming was created using Javascript, to allow as many animation changes to be made by the screenwriters and channel producers, and the executives with a hangover, the office boy and the cleaning lady, equivalent to the amount of ganja they all smoked at the moment each sketch was re-written, to ultimately be able to please the high level of requirements made by a half asleep audience in their underwear, with nothing better to do any Tuesday night, that to turn on their TV and stop to watch a new animated show about latinamerican dirty-mouthed characters.

Executive Producer
Vladimir Mihalkov
Edward Thomas


Art Direction
Vanessa Boulton

Tech Director
Manuel Piña

Joel Vaiser
Marcos Andrade
Manuel Piña

Illustration & Design
Vanessa Boulton
Andreina Diaz
Yonel Hernandez
Marcos Andrade
Gabriel Mesa
Miguel Monteagudo

Animation Director
Reinaldo Mendoza

Glenis Dias
Pedro Da Silva
Francis Barroeta
Daniella Isamit
Patricia Gomez
Marcos Andrade

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