With the previous image and several interstitials and ID’s under our belts, HBO decided to trust us their biggest image-related project ever: the first full HD image for a cable channel in the history of Latin American broadcast. We decided that, since HBO is all about the quality of their content, the only reasonable thing to do was to let it take the center stage on such a special occasion.

2008.Bda latin america
Prize: Bronze
Category: On air identity campaign (single)
Project: Graphic package 08
Client: Hbo
Submitted by: Hbo latinoamérica

Creative Direction
Hubert Reinfeld

Art Direction
Cristina Briceño
Vladimir Mihalkov

Creative Producer
Pedro González

Animation Director
Rubén Fariñas

Tech Director
Vladimir Mihalkov

Graphic Design
Andreina Diaz
Francis Barroeta
Leonardo Gonzalez

Jorge Vigas
Ruben Fariñas
Pedro Da Silva
Manuel Piña
Roberto Gonzalez

Final Cut Support
Roberto Gonzalez

Estudio Pararrayos

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