This one we didn’t see coming. Our good friends in Spain, Struendo, and Spaniard director Diego Postigo, invited us to co-direct the promotional video clip for Miguel Bosé’s latest single, Hacer por Hacer (first cut of his latest release, Papito II, the continuation of the platinum-selling compilation of duets, Papito.)After many changes in the creative direction that the project was to take, we ended up developing the look, design and animation for the karaoke-style piece you’ll see after the click.

Creative Direction
César Elster
Vladimir Mihalkov
Cristina Briceño

Tech Support
Vladimir Mihalkov

Tech Director
Andrés Ungaro

Struendo Filmmakers (madrid - Spain)

Art Direction & Design
Cristina Briceño
Pablo Iranzo

Design & Animation
Nicomedes Zuloaga
Manuel Piña
Fabiana Daly
Cristianne Ly
Andres Ungaro
Pablo Iranzo

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