Times have been troubling these paste couple of years. Global warming, war, violence and what seems to be an eternal economic crisis remind us constantly that this is a world that’s still in desperate need for change. And guess what? No one can change the world as much as every single one of us, making the best of the circumstances surrounding our lives and the lives of those around us. Thus, this Christmas card: a call to arms, to remain doing your best in spite of whatever’s thrown your way during this gray period in mankind’s history.
Once again: let’s not allow the circumstances to define us... That task belongs to every single one of us.
Merry Christmas, people!

Creative Direction
César Elster
Hubert Reinfeld

Art Direction
Cristina Briceno
Vladimir Mihalkov

Leonardo Gonzalez

Storyboard Artist
Angel Montiel

Daniel Zahalka

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