A delicious rhythm moves a series of characters mado of chocolate and strawberry in a youthful and dynamic musical-visual proposal. By means of deconstructing the cookie in a fluid and organic way, we show a kaleidoscope of different elements that make it so mouth-watering. Creating patterns, using chocolate splashes at the beat of a modern and up-tempo musical piece, where playful kids skate, and dance hip hop and capoeira.

The graphic look is inspired by flyer art and 60’s psychedelia, potentiated by animation and contemporary design.

Edward Thomas

Animation Director
Vladimir Mihalkov

Art Direction
Cristina Briceño

Creative Producer
Pedro González

Juan Andres Behrens
Cristina Briceño
Glenis Dias

3d Animator
Jorge Vigas
Luis Angel Villalobos
José Miguel Alvarez
Juan Carlos Davila

Jorge Vigas
Glenis Días
Marcos Andrade
Pablo Iranzo

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