What happens when the closest thing to an openly “anti” movie channel decides it’s time to add movies to its prime time? Espacio de Humor Producido en Hollywood, that’s what happens… The guys at Sony Entertainment Television called in requesting the production of five 30-seconds spoofs of some of the most emblematic feature presentations of major mainstream Hollywood studios… in stop motion. Oh, and could you please add some bumpers and additional applications to the tab, please?
Although it was an insane amount of work we really had a lot of fun:

Lots of creative freedom
Frequent shopping trips to our local yarn and design stores
Some paid time away from computers and software…

= a happily overworked Totuma J

Creative Direction
César Elster

Art Direction
Cristina Briceño
Pablo Iranzo

Stop Motion Director
Vladimir Mihalkov

Tech Director
Marcos Medvedov

Creative Producer
Leonardo Gonzalez

General Production
César Elster
Pedro González

María Antonieta Aguilera
Gisella García

Fabiana Daly
Andreina Diaz
Leonardo Gonzalez
Marcos Medvedov
Pablo Iranzo

Structural Design
Orangel Carrasquel

Stop Motion
Fabiana Daly
Andreína Díaz
Leonardo González
Marcos Medvedov
Pablo Iranzo

Animation Support
Glenis Dias
Marcos Medvedov
Nicomedes Zuloaga

Daniel Zahalka

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  • Fox01.jpg
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  • Paramaunt01.jpg
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  • Universal01.jpg
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