Part of the campaign to attract new investors and establishing a new path for the channels branding image in the Latin American continent. Geared towards young latin american adults interested in the worldwide fashion, stylish and glamorous scene... the catch? there was NOT budget! really, literally no budget for the talent at all!!... so? back to barter times. Each of the talents showed in this pieces was "paid" in interviews or on-air promotion time in the channel. At the end, the campaign was done and everybody was happy... ; )

Creative Direction
César Elster
Cristina Briceño
Rubén Fariñas

Live Action Direction
Carl Zitelmann
Vladimir Mihalkov

Glenis Días
César Elster

Storyboard Artist
Angel Montiel

Basil Faucher
Vladimir Mihalkov

Graphic Design
Jose Luis Hernandez
Andreina Diaz

Marcos Medvedov
Marcos Andrade
Ruben Farinas
Andres Ungaro
Pedro Da Silva

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