It all when wrong. We where suppose to have VIP access to the Primavera Sound (an annual music festival which takes place in Barcelona, Spain. One of the largest music festivals in the country, with an attendance rate of more than 100,000 over the course of the event in 2010 ) We where suppose to get a lot of footage from the gigs and behind the scenes of many participant bands.

None of that happened...

By the time we found out it wasn't going to happened, we already had the graphic package ready. It was a nice and simple idea. We send people and open after effects project and they just need to import 5 songs from their favorite bands on the festival. The projects generates a virtual flower form the audio waves of the song, so you can share music, experiences, graphics, and the flower where suppose to generate a virtual and online spring (primavera) garden.

It sadly never happened...

But we decided to send the AP project to our friends anyway and play with it, we got a lot of music in return ( that was the idea) . Considering everything, we had a blast with the experiment.

Hubert Reinfeld

Creative Direction
Hubert Reinfeld
Vladimir Mihalkov
Cristina Briceño

Vladimir Mihalkov

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