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On march 11 2011 one of the five most powerful earthquakes ever registered hit the northeast cost of Japan. Causing -among many other disasters- several damages to the Fukushima nuclear plant. This is the most severe crisis Japan has faced since the end of the second world war 65 years ago. The nuclear crisis is similar to the one in Chernobyl, Russia that 25 five years ago caused the death of more that 4,000 civilians and between 30.000 and 60.000 death related to cancer caused by radiation.Aren't this reasons enough to finally evolve from the already obsolete energy producing methods we are still using form the industrial revolution? so the worst energetic accidents we pass to our children are sun and wind related?

2011.Bda latin america
Prize: Gold
Category: Promotion news/current event promotion
Project: Japan catastrophe promo
Client: Discovery channel
Submitted by: Discovery channel latin america

Creative Direction
Hubert Reinfeld
Vladimir Mihalkov
Cristina Briceño

Graphic Design
Andreina Diaz
Marcos Medvedov

Marcos Medvedov

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